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What kind of garden lights are suitable to install in the industrial park


The necessity of installing courtyard lights in industr […]

The necessity of installing courtyard lights in industrial parks:
First of all, we know that the main functional decorative and simple lighting of courtyard lights in the park are installed in the trails or landscaping belts on both sides of the road in the factory area. Nowadays, many medium and large industrial parks occupy a relatively large area, such as: industrial Parks, science and technology parks, logistics parks, etc., and these industrial parks include production plants, office buildings, staff dormitories, sports and leisure places, etc.; it is also a place where people are relatively concentrated. In order to improve the living conditions of the park employees, we have many The lighting facilities in the industrial park are also well done. Among them, courtyard lights are an indispensable lighting fixture. So what kind of courtyard lights should be installed in the industrial park?


Recommendations for the selection of courtyard lights in the industrial park:
The industrial park is mainly a place for industrial production and work, so it is not possible to choose more flowery and more complicated courtyard lights. It is necessary to choose that can achieve functional lighting (because many courtyard lights in the industrial park are installed on both sides of the road in the park to illuminate the road at night Function), and can reflect the industrial atmosphere, so we can choose single head, or 7-shaped concise and generous courtyard lights, the height is between 3-5 meters, so it is not easy for us to choose more complicated, European-style courtyard lights And multi-head garden lights, it is recommended to choose single-head or double-head garden lights, with modern and simple garden lights; such as: large and small pole single-head garden lights, aluminum profile garden lights, LED modern garden lights, etc.

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