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Do Led Garden Light in urban residential areas need non-standard customized production?


In the city, we can see that the styles of Led Garden L […]

In the city, we can see that the styles of Led Garden Light installed in different communities are also different. Some communities use the manufacturer’s existing standard style, and some are based on the manufacturer’s existing garden garden lamp style. Use after slight adjustments and changes, and there are some large-scale communities with special design styles. The courtyard lights we see are all new community courtyard lights independently designed according to the community style. So do these residential community courtyard lights need non-standard custom production? ?
In fact, in the selection of courtyard lights, in addition to the antique European-style courtyard lights produced by die-casting, Chinese courtyard lights and other modeling courtyard lights, such as modern courtyard lights, and landscape courtyard lights that conform to the style of the community, we all adopt customized production, as described above. The courtyard lights produced in the community can be divided into fully customized, customized production based entirely on customer drawings or style pictures, and partial customized production, that is, slightly modified in the style of existing courtyard lights or incorporated elements, pattern signs, etc. that meet the environment, such as domestic Most of the real estate development communities in some places are recommended by manufacturers, so when we order courtyard lights in the community, we can decide according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and actual environmental requirements. What are the non-standard customization methods for urban residential quarters\garden landscape courtyard lights?

At present, many real estate developers, projects or some garden landscape scenic spots need to customize various styles of landscape garden garden lights, and the garden lights used in different environments need to be customized in different shapes or different styles according to the actual environment needs. Garden lights, then what are the advantages of these non-standard custom\customized garden lights? First of all, our non-standard garden lights are almost all non-standard customized production, that is, if customers need it, they can be customized according to the actual quantity of customers' requirements. For example, the custom-made ones are selected according to the garden garden lights provided by the manufacturer. Then customize according to environmental requirements, including the material of the lamp body, size, height, size, light source color and surface treatment color and technology, etc., so that the appearance of the customized courtyard lamp will not change much but only slightly change, we can mainly From the height, luminous color and surface color of the courtyard lamp, it shows different effects and effects that are more suitable for environmental requirements. Secondly, it is completely customized according to customer requirements or designed drawings. In this way, the courtyard lamp is from the shape to the interior The structure and installation structure are produced according to the customer's drawing requirements, so we have a unique effect experience after installation.