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Advantages of LED lighting technology


LED or LED technology has caused a new sensation in com […]

LED or LED technology has caused a new sensation in commercial and residential lighting applications. Now, every dark area that needs to be illuminated and every object that needs to be indicated becomes active through LEDs. Energy saving technology is the simple reason why the world is striving to save energy.

The main advantages of LEDs over traditional lighting; incandescent bulbs and CFL make them the best choice for every new installation and upgrade that requires lighting.

Discuss some of the LED advantages that make them an advanced choice:

High efficiency and energy saving

LEDs convert 80% of electricity into light. So it does prove everything you have to give. Ultimately, you can save energy and money by reducing your electricity bill. For example, replacing the old lighting system with a new LED system on the icon Miami tower can save $259767 per year in energy, maintenance and operating costs.

Multi functional and compact

Due to their different colors and smaller sizes, LEDs can be adapted to any type of lighting application. It emits light of the desired color and works well under the worst conditions. A single LED is sufficient for illumination indication, and its clusters can illuminate the entire football field.

Cool and controllable

Compared with traditional light sources, LED lights are cooler and brighter. They can also be easily darkened, depending on the intensity required.

Long life

LED will not suddenly fail, and has a long service life. This reduces maintenance costs and reduces the hassle of regular replacement.

Concentrated and impact resistant

With LEDs, you can get focused light without depending on the shape of the mirror. They have been packaged in a way that emits focused light. This is useful for lighting like a jewelry store. Moreover, as solid-state devices, they are difficult to be damaged by electric shock.

These advantages show that LEDs are the best choice for display and lighting applications in all aspects. However, since each emerging technology has some problems, LEDs will not be affected. The only disadvantage of LED installation at present is the high initial cost. If you have the guts to spend $1000 on several LED bulbs, LED lighting is a 100% profitable option. Similarly, low quality LED lights degrade faster than new brand LED lights, so always look for high-quality energy star LED bulbs.