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What are the advantages and characteristics of outdoor modern led garden lights


In residential quarters, industrial parks, square parks […]

In residential quarters, industrial parks, square parks and other places, we have installed modern courtyard lights with a height of 3 meters to 5 meters in the green belts on both sides of small pedestrian roads, and modern courtyard lights play a pavement function in the installation environment. The sexual lighting effect can also play a decorative effect on the environment. Nowadays, we all use LED as the main light source for the garden lights in outdoor garden lighting, that is, modern led garden lights. LED light sources have long life, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Advantages and advantages, more features and advantages of led courtyard lights are listed as follows:

1. The shape of the LED courtyard lamp is simple, beautiful and generous. The lamp body is small and does not require a large space for electrical appliances and bulbs like traditional light sources. The LED courtyard lamp directly adopts the integrated design of the lamp bead and the lamp body through the LED characteristics;

2. The LED garden lamp uses high-efficiency LED light source and high-conversion driving power to save energy and environmental protection. For example, the light efficiency of a conventional 50Wled light source can reach 5500lm, and the maximum light efficiency of a 50W metal halide lamp with rated power is 4250lm and the light decay is large. It becomes dimmed in about a year, and the light attenuation of the led light source is attenuated by about 5% in a year;

3. Long life LED life is generally more than 50,000 hours, so our factory warranty is generally 2 years or more, and it can be used for 3-5 years without maintenance and replacement;

4. Low power consumption. Under the same brightness, the actual power consumption of the led light source is lower. For example, the actual power consumption of a 50W led light source is about 55W, while the actual power consumption of the same 50W metal halide lamp is about 80W;

5. Low installation cost and maintenance cost, no need to connect more electrical appliances for installation, just connect the power cord to light up;

6. Wide range of use.

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