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The characteristics and classification of garden garden lights


Yard lights are indispensable in many places such as re […]

Yard lights are indispensable in many places such as residential areas, parks, and squares. What are the types of courtyard lights? Many users will ask this question. From the perspective of artistic performance and style characteristics, it can be divided into three types, namely, European style courtyard lights, modern courtyard lights, and classical courtyard lights.
The courtyard lights in the community must be able to achieve the lighting effect. At night, it must be convenient for the residents in the community to come and go. In addition, when choosing the installation, you must start from the style and characteristics of the entire building in the community, and try to choose the same style as possible, so as to achieve the effect of mutual radiance. The third aspect is to reflect a certain degree of aesthetics. It can't be too simple, but it can't be too dazzling, so as not to cause aesthetic fatigue. With the characteristics of modern Chinese style and fashionable European style, these two types of courtyard lights usually have more choices. In addition, on the main road of the community, you can also use staggered lighting and symmetric lighting. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to achieve the lighting effect, and it also plays a beautiful and decorative role.



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1. European style garden lights

The design styles of European-style courtyard lamps mostly adopt some European-style artistic elements of European countries, and add abstract expressions. Such as: Crown courtyard lights.

2. Modern courtyard lights

The design style of modern courtyard lights mostly adopts modern artistic elements, and uses simple methods to express, such as: spring bud courtyard lights. This is a type of courtyard lamp that we have seen more. It is simple and stylish, and it is chosen by many domestic communities.

3. Classical courtyard lights

The classical courtyard lamp is a kind of lamp which is different from the modern courtyard lamp. It incorporates a lot of classical elements when involved, and also adds a lot of operation and improvement elements. Our more common palace lanterns are its representatives. There are also lamps with many classical elements, which are also quite good.

4. There are other categories of garden lights

European garden lights, modern garden lights, and classical garden lights are classified in terms of style, and they are also classified from energy sources and light sources, as well as solar garden lights and led garden lights.

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