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What is the difference between led module street light and led integrated street light


Both led module street lights and led integrated street […]

Both led module street lights and led integrated street lights are led street lights. The structural design is different. Modular street lights such as 150W can be divided into 3 modules, one set of 50W. This kind of advantage makes it easy to repair when problems occur! And some ordinary LED street lamps are all lamp beads welded on an aluminum substrate, and the design structure is different.

First of all, we must first know what LED modular street lights are

The simple understanding is to "divide the integrated street lamp into parts" and divide it into several identical modules. Each module is independent of each other. If any one of the modules fails, it will not affect other modules. The normal work of the group can improve the convenience of maintenance of the LED street lamp without affecting the use, and the modularization of the LED street lamp can realize the simple disassembly and assembly of the lamp with bare hands. At the same time, the module can solve its own light distribution, heat dissipation, power drive and protection problems.

Modular type means that several LED light sources in high-power LED lamps are made into an integrated module with light distribution, heat dissipation and protection level structure. A lamp is usually composed of several modules according to different power levels. The light source module is a carefully designed module that integrates light distribution, heat dissipation and protection level functions, and is the core part of the lamp. For the degree of protection, sealing rings and screws are usually used to meet the requirements of outdoor use; in terms of heat dissipation, modular design is adopted, and the heat source is dispersed. By optimizing the heat dissipation design, the junction temperature of the chip can be greatly reduced; in terms of light distribution, two The secondary optical lens design can achieve the required road lighting effect.

High-power LED lamps are used in functional lighting. On the one hand, efficiency should be paid attention to, which is related to the overall reliability of street lamps; on the other hand, high-power lamps have requirements for light distribution, because it is related to the effective utilization of light emitted by the lamps. .

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