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What are the determinants of the uneven price of LED street lights?


Nowadays, the LED street lamp manufacturers on the mark […]

Nowadays, the LED street lamp manufacturers on the market are uneven, and the price of LED street lamps is also high or low. So how should we look at the products produced by these manufacturers?

First of all, for LED street lamp manufacturers, cost will definitely be the main factor affecting prices. The cost is the sum of the components that make up the LED street light, generally including the LED light source, electrical components, signal light controller, signal light pole, and auxiliary materials and wires. The cost of each part determines the price of the finished LED street light.



With the development of science and technology, the price of the controller of pure electronic product components will definitely be reduced, thereby lowering the price of LED street lights. Of course, other components will be accompanied by breakthroughs in new technologies and reduce prices. In addition, different LED street light manufacturers try different product materials, which look exactly the same on the surface. It is common for the cost of raw materials to be different and the quality is different, resulting in price differences, so it is recommended that the procurement department must be careful in purchasing Screening, to prevent some irregular street lamp manufacturers from charging the number with shoddy, false and real, and shoddy.

In fact, if the technology of LED street lamp manufacturers is mature enough, high-pressure sodium lamps can fade out of the market. In theory, the promotion of clean energy on roads should be faster than indoor lighting. However, due to the inertia of road lighting in the market, and the above standardization issues, its popularization effect has not been as expected. Power LED lamps mostly use an integrated structure. During maintenance or after the end of the life, the lamps can only be returned to the factory for repair or replacement. The failure to solve the standardization problem has caused the slow development of the industry.

For functional lighting, flexibility will cause the interchangeability of products, which needs to be restricted in the form of specifications or standards. However, special fields do not need to be standardized, and the flexibility and plasticity of LEDs can be fully utilized. There is still a great opportunity for small and medium-sized LED street lamp manufacturers to develop in this direction. Planning the market and adjusting the price of LED street lamps are very promising in the future.

In fact, the economic level continues to rise, and the price of LED street lamps is naturally a point that consumers pay close attention to. However, as the slogan of sustainable development becomes popular, more and more consumers are no longer the only consideration for price. The future is bound to usher in a broad market for LED street lights.