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What factors affect the life of garden lights


Garden lights are the most popular among users, especia […]

Garden lights are the most popular among users, especially for their sturdiness and durability. They are especially favored by users. The quality of the components of this kind of light determines the service life of garden lights. Due to the serious shortage of energy in the world, our country is concerned about the environment. The protection requirements are very strict, and actions that destroy environmental protection will be punished. Environmentally friendly and safe new energy solar energy is the new energy most needed by humans, and courtyard lights use solar energy as energy.

 1. The quality of lighting components

  The garden light uses solar energy as energy. Everyone knows that solar energy is a new energy source and is widely used in various fields. With the rapid development of science and technology in our country, solar lighting lamps are widely used, whether on urban roads or rural roads, street lamps with solar energy are widely used, and solar garden lights are gradually developing. The life of garden lights is related to many factors. The quality of lamp components has a serious impact on the length of lamp life.

 2, battery quality

   There are many types of garden lamp batteries, and the lamp life is different according to different working principles. In general, the service life of the lamp is determined by the quality of the battery. When choosing a garden lamp, users should choose products produced by a regular lamp manufacturer. A garden lamp with good battery quality is the first choice for users.

Generally speaking, encapsulation of garden lamp batteries can greatly extend the service life of the lamp. Everyone knows that if the battery is sealed, it will protect the battery board, and the sealed battery will not be damaged by various environments.

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