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Selection methods and tips of high pole lights


High pole lights generally refer to those 15-meter-up s […]

High pole lights generally refer to those 15-meter-up steel cone-shaped poles and high-power combined lamp structures. But for the selection of high-pole lamps, you can choose from lamps, poles, and some parts. In fact, there are many combinations. There are actually many tricks in choosing the configuration of high pole lights, such as:

1. choose a light pole
  The height of the light pole is not as high as possible, nor is it as short as possible, but to choose the right length of the light pole. In the selection of the height of the light pole, the material of the light pole may also be involved. This should also be considered in conjunction with the use environment.

2. select the lamp holder
  The internal lamp holders of high pole lamps are generally divided into two types: floodlights and floodlights. Although the light source is high-pressure sodium lamp, the difference between the two lights of the lamp cap is that one is floodlight and the other is projection light. Floodlight is the kind of loose lighting, and the projection light is relatively concentrated. When choosing, don't forget the specific circumstances of the use requirements.

3. Is lightning protection system needed?
The height of the high pole lamp is relatively high. When using in thunderstorm weather, it is inevitable to consider the demand for lightning protection, but this generally seems to depend on the situation, the height is not too high, or the thunderstorm in the place where it is used is not too In many places, it may not be necessary, but you must consult a professional.

In the selection of configuration and assembly of high pole lights, you must not think that the more expensive the better. Not that the higher the configuration, the better, basically it can achieve the desired purpose. Such a high pole lamp configuration is already very good, and there is no need to waste too much budget on it.