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The difference between LED flood light and flood light


What are the differences and connections between LED fl […]

What are the differences and connections between LED floodlights and floodlights? Let's take a look together.

1. The difference between floodlights and floodlights lies in the projection angle of the light, but the reason why many people are confused now is that there is no standard to distinguish them. The beam of the floodlight is relatively uniform, that is, the light source is more concentrated in the building. On objects or landscape objects, but now it can also be made as astigmatism. Secondly, floodlights have a relatively large lighting range.

2. It can be adjusted arbitrarily. Speaking of this, floodlights are actually a category of floodlights. It is estimated that you already have a clearer understanding here! In terms of quality, there is currently no unified standard. Basically, LED floodlights are made based on rough shape parameters, or appearance adjustments, so that they can choose more heat dissipation issues, and the optical characteristics of LEDs with reasonable heat dissipation structure lead to For glare problems, a lampshade with good light transmission is required to form a surface light source to a certain extent. Nowadays, frosting is used or some materials are added. With the development of these years, the light transmission performance has been further improved. SMD LEDs are mostly driven by low voltage and use aluminum substrates to dissipate heat. The LED floodlights currently used are not specially used for lighting, and some are used to create good projection effects.