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Introduction of modern and simple aluminum LED garden lights


The material of modern and simple aluminum LED courtyar […]

The material of modern and simple aluminum LED courtyard lamp is made of 6063 high-grade aluminum alloy extrusion molding, and then various modeling styles are formed by later welding; the surface of the lamp body is treated with high-temperature classic plastic spraying, and the surface is smooth and beautiful; the surface color can be according to customer requirements or Design requirements are customized; the aluminum profile lamp body is strong in corrosion resistance, even if the appearance is scratched or painted, it will not rust, and the use time is longer; the main lighting source of the lamp body adopts high-power LED light source, and the lamp beads are made of American Bridgelux, Taiwan crystal Yuan and other high luminous efficiency chips, power: 20W, 30W or 50W, customized according to the height of modern courtyard lights and lighting effects; the height of courtyard lights can be customized: 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 3.5 meters, 4 meters, 4.5 Meters, 5 meters, etc.
Features of modern minimalist aluminum LED garden lights:
Decorative courtyard lighting, the design style is simple and fashionable, gorgeous and rich, exquisite and elegant; the light-emitting part of the modern and simple aluminum courtyard lamp body adopts LED light source, and the light source color can be customized according to customer requirements. Blue, yellow, red, white, green and RGB colorful light colors; and can set voice control programming, follow light, water light effects;
Applicable places:
Parks, villa courtyards, high-end residential quarters, both sides of the road, commercial pedestrian streets, leisure squares, tourist attractions, shopping plazas, gardens, parking lots, etc.;