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Features and applicable places of modern courtyard lights


Yard lamps are indispensable in many places such as res […]

Yard lamps are indispensable in many places such as residential quarters, parks, and squares. The garden lights have been developed to the present, what are the types of garden lights? From the perspective of artistic performance and style characteristics, it can be divided into three types at present, namely, European style courtyard lights, modern courtyard lights, classical courtyard lights and many other styles
Features of modern courtyard lights:
The design style of modern courtyard lights mostly adopts modern artistic elements and adopts a simple way of expression. This is one of the more types of courtyard lights we have seen. It is simple and stylish, and it is chosen by many domestic communities.
① The modern courtyard lamp is simple in shape
The modern garden lamp adopts a simple, generous and beautiful design to meet people's perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment with a concise form of expression. This is a popular design style in the international society today-concise Bright minimalism. The fast-paced, high-frequency, and full-load of modern people have reached the point of irreproachable acceptance.
② Modern courtyard lights use environmentally friendly and energy-saving light sources
Most modern garden lights use LED light sources or LED lamps as the main lighting source or decorative light source. LED light sources have the characteristics of long life, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which make the garden lights themselves and the environment more beautiful and environmentally friendly
③ Modern courtyard lights are simple to maintain and have a long lifespan
Modern courtyard lights are made of aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. The body of the lamp itself has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability. Equipped with long-life LED light source lamps, it greatly reduces the maintenance times and maintenance costs of modern courtyard lights. The general LED lamp warranty is 3 -5 years and traditional energy-saving lamps or metal halide lamps have a maximum warranty of 1 year, that is, the light source will be replaced at least once a year when using traditional light sources, while LED lamps do not require maintenance for at least 3 years, so the service life of modern garden lights Longer, lower maintenance cost
Applicable places of modern courtyard lights:
Modern courtyard lights are simple and elegant, suitable for installation in various types of stations: parks, villa courtyards, residential quarters, both sides of roads, commercial pedestrian streets, leisure venues, scenic tourist areas, industrial parks, city squares, stations\high-speed rail\airports, etc. Trails and squares in front squares, museums, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc.

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