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The Application of Landscape Lights in Urban Lighting Projects


In urban lighting projects, landscape lights are often […]

In urban lighting projects, landscape lights are often used, and landscape lights generally play a role in decoration and lighting, and are very ornamental. The lanterns, lanterns, and courtyard lights in festivals are all landscape lights, which are mainly used for lighting functions and are both ornamental.
Landscape lights are mostly used in courtyards, parks, squares, and on both sides of roads. They are an indispensable part of modern urban lighting projects. The landscape light not only plays the role of lighting, but also has a higher ornamental and artistic quality.
Different places need to combine different landscape lighting designs. The landscape lights should be in harmony with the scenic area to be decorated, the history and culture of the landscape, the surrounding environment, and the architectural style, and use different shapes, colors, and brightness to express the landscape and atmosphere.
For example, landscape lights are used to reflect the atmosphere of the festival. There are various zodiac lanterns in the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, and there are various lanterns made according to the characters of ancient legends. With the advancement of technology, people Constantly innovating, the colorful lights used for decoration in festivals can also be combined with sound and light to make dynamic viewing lights, which are interesting and fascinating.
Modern urban lighting projects advocate low-carbon environmental protection, so the establishment of landscape lights should also pay attention to avoiding problems such as clutter, excessive quantity, too bright light, and inability to re-use. For example, the colored lights used in festivals should be recyclable as far as possible, and can be modified to avoid pollution;
The landscape lights in parks, scenic spots and other places should be as soft as possible. In addition to meeting functional requirements, they should also avoid light pollution as much as possible. The design should be as simple and generous as possible, and the characteristics and beauty of the landscape should be highlighted.