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What is the structure and purpose of the flood light?


Flood lights are broad beamed high intensity lights for […]

Flood lights are broad beamed high intensity lights for outdoor areas which require artificial daylight like light. These outdoor light fixtures can withstand all extreme climatic conditions.
Structure of flood light
A flood light body has an aluminium housing, it houses the light bulb and heat sink.
The outer body is of high quality polycarbonate material which has fins to dissipate heat.
The outer body has several bracket designs to mount the flood light and protective covering features, which makes the light fixture more resistant.
The glass covering allows diffused, glare-free light at both wide and narrow beams.
Uses For:
large construction sites,
highlighting monuments,
outside residential and commercial buildings for security and lighting reasons
Street lights
Flood lights come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the area.
Keeping in mind the area, a photometric study is essential to calculate the number of fixtures required and their placement to avoid dark spots. For smaller spaces, like parking lots or outside homes, one or four fixtures placed adjacently are enough for adequate lighting.

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