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What is the Pros and cons of landscape lights


Nowadays, all kinds of new lightings slowly enter our f […]

Nowadays, all kinds of new lightings slowly enter our field of vision, such as solar lights, courtyard lights, landscape lights, Chinese lights, magnolia lights, etc., which believes that everyone should be familiar with landscape lights, because we are in the park , Lantern exhibitions, and landscape lights can be seen in various scenic areas. The landscape lamp itself is an art, an appreciation of beauty, and can bring us a good visual experience. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of landscape lights?

First of all, we first introduce the advantages of landscape lights:

Pros and cons of landscape lights

1. The advantages of landscape lights:

(1) Lighting

Landscape lights, in fact, have the same lighting effect as ordinary street lights. Compared with ordinary street lights, the light color emitted by landscape lights will be softer. At night, the light of the landscape lights can highlight the main landscape and make it contrast with the surrounding environment. And different landscape lighting lines will be different, different colors of lights will provide a different visual experience for a monotonous night.

Pros and cons of landscape lights

(2) Has a very high ornamental value

Compared with the function of landscape lighting, the main function of landscape lighting is decoration, that is to say, it has a very high ornamental value. There are many shapes of landscape lights, only you can't think of, and no craftsman can't do it. Every shape can shock you. Whether in the park or in the scenic area, landscape lights can beautify the environment. It is precisely because landscape lights have high ornamental value, so many tourists will also take photos of landscape lights as a souvenir when traveling.

Landscape lights are generally in harmony with the surrounding environment or the history and culture of the place. It can become a symbol of national culture in a city and a region. In general, landscape lights can add beauty to the environment and leave a good impression on outsiders, which is a major feature of cities and scenic spots.

The above two points are the advantages of landscape lights, but any lighting has advantages and disadvantages, and the same is true for landscape lights. Let's take a look at the disadvantages of landscape lights:

Pros and cons of landscape lights

2. Disadvantages of landscape lights:

(1) High production cost

The biggest disadvantage of landscape lights is the high production cost. Because of its diverse shapes, complex and exquisite craftsmanship, it takes a long time to work and requires many raw materials. At the same time that the landscape lights display the exquisite manufacturing process, it also means that the labor cost and material cost will be much higher, so the cost is higher. The more complex landscape lights, the higher the cost.

(2) Power consumption

Compared with traditional street lamps, ordinary landscape lamps consume more electricity. Although its brightness is not as good as that of ordinary street lamps, it consumes a lot of power because of its earlier time to turn on the lights at night and the large number of light sources. But if it is solar landscape lights or LED landscape lights, it can save a lot of electricity.

Among the many lightings, landscape lights are the most popular, and the range of applications is also very wide. The more complex the shape, the better the raw material, the higher its cost. And the higher the height, the more light sources are needed, and the more power is consumed. But in any case, landscape lights are an indispensable part of the modern landscape. Whether it is a large cultural square or a stylish building community, it has its own truth, and is of great value for viewing and use.