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What is the functions of the landscape lights?


Landscape lights are an essential element in landscape […]

Landscape lights are an essential element in landscape design. Landscape lights have high ornamental value and have been widely used in urban garden design. So what are the functions and functions of landscape lights? The following are the functions of the landscape lights.

1. Lighting function: especially at night, the lighting function of landscape lights is more prominent.

2. Decorative function: The landscape lamp is also an element in the garden landscape, which plays a certain decorative role in the entire landscape.

[The role of landscape lights] Lighting guide: form a good route at night. Improve the level of landscape: highlight the main landscape at night, the landscape lights form a virtual and real relationship with the surrounding environment, and the landscape lights enrich the night landscape level.

Note: The choice of illuminance should be appropriately selected according to the different environments in which the landscape light is used. For example, entrances and exits, squares and other crowded places, landscape lights need to have sufficient lighting intensity; on quiet sidewalks, only general lighting is needed. Unique and artistic landscape lights can make the surrounding environment full of charm.