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What is the difference between square courtyard lights and community courtyard lights


In recent years, the pace of urban construction has bec […]

In recent years, the pace of urban construction has become faster and faster, and the urban lighting has also become better and better. Different squares, parks and residential communities in the city have added more representative landscape courtyard lights, so that the communities and squares are not monotonous. Increase the time for citizens’ night activities; especially in some high-end communities and civic squares, it has become a beautiful landscape and a guide light for people to go out at night, but most people do not know that there are still some courtyard lights and public square courtyard lights. Differences and meanings, the following garden lamp manufacturers will introduce the functions and differences of the community garden lights and square garden lights as follows.

The characteristics and functions of courtyard lights:
① To achieve a certain lighting effect to facilitate outdoor activities of residents in the community at night;
② The courtyard lights of the community should fit the characteristics of all the real estates, be consistent with the characteristics of all the communities, and play a role of contrasting each other;
③ The garden lights of the community should pay attention to the beauty, neither too monotonous, nor too dazzling, so as not to cause aesthetic fatigue.
According to the overall characteristics of the community, two types of simple modern garden lights or Chinese-style European garden lights can be prepared. In addition, the lighting method of the garden lights in the community is usually staggered and symmetrical lights on the main road. There are two methods. Good or bad, you can choose the most suitable method according to the planning of the community, so that you are satisfied with the lighting function and value beauty.

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The characteristics and functions of square courtyard lights:
① Square courtyard lights need to achieve the landscape effect during the day. The appearance of all courtyard lights should be considered to blend with the aesthetics of the entire square. At night, the artistic lighting should be considered. The color of the lights should enhance the beauty of the square, and also consider the role of lighting to facilitate strolling citizens;
②The square courtyard lamp attaches great importance to the ornamental nature, which means that the courtyard lamp itself must not only be beautiful in appearance, but also beautify and brighten the environment, and together it can become a symbol of civilization in a city or a region.
The square courtyard lamp is a part of the public building, which expresses the characteristics and characteristics of a city, so it must have a strong artistic effect. With its characteristics and characteristics, the square courtyard lamp often chooses simple modern courtyard lights, European die-cast aluminum or sand casting Aluminum courtyard lights and squares with local cultural characteristics need to be selected or custom-designed.