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What are the types of courtyard lights


  The light source requirements of courtyard lights are […]

  The light source requirements of courtyard lights are quite obvious. Although the shapes are different, most courtyard lights are suitable for those slow lanes or sidewalks. So the lighting effect is quite obvious. In the case of landscape lights, most of them need to be used in conjunction with the scene, focusing on the effect, but not the brightness of the lighting. To put it simply, courtyard lights can be viewed as landscape lights, but landscape lights cannot be used as courtyard lights. So, what are the types of courtyard lights?

  1. Chinese classical style
   The garden lights ( with classical Chinese elements are very popular, such as palace lanterns. With the large-scale broadcasting of various court dramas and open social concepts, people have become more and more affectionate for the classical Chinese courtyard lamps.


  2. modern
  Modern courtyard type lights, the design elements mostly look for bright spots on the art, and the effect is relatively simple. This type is more in line with the current young people's concept, novel and concise.


  3. European style
  Whether it is architecture or furniture, the European style has not been forgotten. Usually this type of lamps adopts an abstract form of expression, while retaining the European style, it looks very western. Of course, this European style will often be designed in the style of European aristocracy.
Most of the garden lights can be designed to fit the landscape properly, but it doesn't seem to be so suitable if they are used as landscape lights. You know, the role of landscape lights is that, for example, the floor lights in the lawn, or the lamp posts in the center of the square, are used to set off the scenery, and the lighting may be slightly owed.

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