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What are the classifications of outdoor wall lamps?


Outdoor wall lamp is a kind of wall lamp. It gets its n […]

Outdoor wall lamp is a kind of wall lamp. It gets its name because it is used outdoors. It is usually installed on outdoor walls, and some products can be installed on outdoor lamppost walls. Compared with indoor wall lamps, outdoor wall lamps have better waterproof performance and are mostly enclosed in a closed layout, which can eliminate the corrosion of outdoor rainwater to the lamps and extend the service life of the lamps.

   In terms of outdoor, wall lamps are generally used in scenic spots, parks and some public places. It can not only serve as an auxiliary lighting function, but also achieve a certain beautification effect. This kind of outdoor wall lamp is widely used in today's society, and its shape and type are also different according to the actual situation.
 Outdoor wall lamp classification
  1. European style wall lamp: European style wall lamp originated in the 1980s, mainly represented by decoration applications in the British royal family. It was only introduced to China in the early 1990s. It has only been used in the domestic decoration industry in the past two years, mainly in the decoration projects of star hotels, high-end clubs, and villas to express the grace and luxury of European aristocratic smell.
  2. Pastoral wall lamp: The whole room expresses a strong humanistic smell, and simplicity and dignity complement each other. It makes the whole room feel very charming.
  3. Crystal wall lamp: Crystal wall lamp adds a bit of aura to the now simple space, so young people generally prefer crystal wall lamps when buying lighting. The dazzling and gorgeous crystals give people a grand and luxurious feeling.
  4. Modern wall lamp: Use a variety of bright floral elements to decorate the bedroom full of spring, and decorate an elegant curved wall lamp at the bedside to make the spring bedroom more elegant and romantic.