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Three types of garden lamps


With the rapid development of the times, the range of a […]

With the rapid development of the times, the range of application of courtyard lamps is getting wider and wider. Nowadays, courtyard lights are widely used in places such as squares, parks, pedestrian streets, and villa communities. And the more beautiful and fashionable garden lights, the more popular people are. Of course, the garden light is the same as the landscape light. It needs to be coordinated with the surrounding environment, history and culture, so as to become a beautiful landscape!

The development of courtyard lamps has the characteristics of diversity and aesthetics. It can combine beautification and lighting into one body, so it is also called landscape garden lamps. Compared to the past, courtyard lights are now used in a wider environment, and the design style is more prominent. However, the design style of the garden lights is no different from three categories, namely modern garden lights, classical garden lights, European-style garden lights. let's see it together:

1. Classical garden lights

Most of the classical garden lights give people a retro feeling, because it uses Chinese classical elements, and then use and modify them on a certain basis. This garden lamp is actually similar to the palace lamp, and most of them are modified by the shape of the palace lamp.

Classical garden lamps have a classical beauty, and the poles and lamps will be antique. The lamps are generally lantern-shaped and can be designed into various lantern shapes. The main colors are black and red, and the overall look is very classical.

It is precisely because of classical, so this kind of garden lights will often appear in the more meaningful old city or tourist scenic spot, and there can also be placed in a more classical villa courtyard, so there is no flavor.

2. Modern garden lights

The modern garden lamp feels more modern. It no longer designs a lantern shape like a classical garden lamp, but uses modern artistic elements and a relatively simple technique to produce a variety of shapes. Most of these shapes are simple, very pleasing!

The application range of modern garden lights will be more extensive, and various parks, villas, and tourist attractions can be placed, and it can also become a scenic line that attracts tourists' attention!

3. European-style garden lights

The design style of European-style courtyard lamps is derived from some artistic elements in Europe, and then added with a special expression. Many people at first glance feel that European-style garden lights and classical garden lights are somewhat similar, but they will not think so after knowing the characteristics of the two. Classical garden lights are modified based on ancient Chinese palace lights, and European-style garden lights are modified based on the European crown. The two seem to be similar, but there are actually differences.

The appearance of the European-style courtyard lamp is also very beautiful, and it also comes with a royal noble style, which is perfect for being installed in the villa yard!

The above are the three major types of garden lights. The design style of each type will be different, and the scope of application will be somewhat different. However, most of the garden lights are suitable for the two places of community and square. The courtyard lights of the community pay attention to the lighting effect, because it is convenient for the residents of the community to enter and exit; we must also pay attention to the style of the residential real estate, so as to play the decorative effect. In addition to the lighting effect, the garden lights on the square are in fact the most important thing to beautify the environment, which has extremely high ornamental value.