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The purchase of courtyard lights needs to start from these four aspects


Nowadays, communities and some high-end courtyards will […]

Nowadays, communities and some high-end courtyards will install courtyard lights in the courtyards, so that walking at night will not be too dark, and it will also increase the romantic atmosphere. So, how to choose courtyard lights? Let's take a look at how to choose the garden lights when installing.

1 the choice of style
  There are many different styles of courtyard lights. We have to choose the right one according to the style of our own courtyard. For Chinese courtyards, we choose Chinese style courtyard lamps, and European style courtyards choose European style courtyard lamps.

2 Material selection
   Generally there are more iron and aluminum. If you choose to focus on quality and firmness, then steel is the best. If you are focusing on beauty and lightness, then choose aluminum. Aluminum has a low boiling point, strong flexibility, and is relatively easy to deform, so it is not as strong as iron. In areas with strong winds, it is better to choose iron as much as possible.、

3 price selection
If you choose a garden lamp from the price, the aluminum production process is more complicated and the material cost is more expensive. Therefore, the ordinary courtyard is basically made of iron. Of course, if it is a high-end courtyard, you can also choose an aluminum courtyard lamp. After all, you need to go through the courtyard. Lights to highlight the high-end momentum.

4 the choice of workmanship
  Aluminum courtyard lights are more complicated to make and consume more materials, but there are more patterns and rich styles. Iron garden lights are mostly made of steel plates that are cut into the required conical plates by a shearing machine, then rolled into light poles, and finally welded into finished products. The style of iron courtyard lamp is relatively simple, and the appreciation is not enough.