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Protection measures for courtyard lights


Led garden light are closely related to our lives. In m […]

Led garden light are closely related to our lives. In many places, we can see the existence of garden lights, especially in communities and villas. Garden lights are an indispensable outdoor lighting tool. With the large number of garden lights, there are also endless problems, how should we protect the garden lights?

1. Strengthen the training of maintenance personnel

Everything in the world is changing, nothing is unchanged. The technical progress of courtyard lamps in recent years is also very fast, so as a professional maintenance staff, you can not stay on the spot, you also need to learn the professional knowledge of maintenance at any time, so that you can better adapt to the needs of your work.

2. Speed ​​up the update of maintenance equipment

The wider the popularity of the garden light, the more the service area increases, the more the maintenance staff will work. At this time, if we can not guarantee to add more maintenance personnel, then we need to train more professional personnel, and accelerate the update of maintenance equipment. This can greatly reduce the workload of maintenance personnel, and will not appear in short supply.

3. Implement the maintenance target responsibility system

In order to be able to use the courtyard lamp for a longer time, it should be strengthened to standardize the management of the courtyard lamp. The best thing is to implement the maintenance target responsibility system, dedicated management, and dedicated maintenance. If there is a problem, the maintenance personnel in the area can be found and the problem can be solved as soon as possible. To put it simply, it is the area who is responsible and whoever is responsible for the problem.

4. Strengthen law enforcement investigation and punishment

The last step is to strengthen law enforcement. In case of any damage to the courtyard lighting facilities, it must be strictly investigated and dealt with in a timely manner to ensure that the courtyard lighting facilities can operate normally.

In addition, we have to start with small things, do not frequently turn on and off the garden lights, do not hang objects on the lights, and then occasionally clean the garden lights. Only take care of the garden lights before they can last longer!