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LED street lights continue to develop


After these years of development, LED lamps have occupi […]

After these years of development, LED lamps have occupied most of the market share in the domestic lamp market. Whether it is home lighting lamps, desk lamps, and street lamps in the community, LED lamps are the selling point. LED street lights are also very popular in China. Some people can't help asking, how is the quality of LED street lights?
After prolonged light exposure, many people will suffer from light fatigue syndrome, dry eyes, sore eyes, dizziness, headaches and other physical discomforts. Although LED lights are absolutely mercury-free light sources, they not only reduce environmental pollution, but also avoid stroboscopic problems, so they are healthier. The name LED is probably already well known by many people. With the wider use of LED street lights, its popularity will surely reach a new height. But what is led road light and why it has such a big influence may not be understood by many people.
In fact, everyone knows that the reason why a product quickly replaces the previous product is to have better performance than the previous product. The reason why LED can replace the previous incandescent lamp so quickly is because it has the characteristics of high energy efficiency, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and its price is not very high, and everyone can accept it. Moreover, its service life is longer than the previous incandescent lamp. As soon as these advantages come out, there are naturally more buyers. In addition, it is in line with the national development strategy of energy conservation and environmental protection. So within a few years, LED lights can be seen everywhere in China.
After these years of development, led road lights have changed some of the defects of the products themselves, and now they are becoming more and more perfect. Regardless of the service life, lighting brightness, and appearance, there are advantages that ordinary incandescent lamps can't match. The response and reputation in the sales market are quite good. Products that have been verified by the market for a long time, so for consumers, they can definitely buy with confidence. If you need to buy, you can still confirm it on the market to see if the use of the product meets your needs before purchasing.
LED road lights refer to lamps that provide lighting for roads. The price of LED road lights depends on what specifications consumers choose. For example, the more commonly used specifications are 6 meters LED road lights, and the price is 700-800 yuan. Around, relatively speaking, the price of LED street lights is not very expensive. After all, compared with traditional incandescent lamps and tungsten filament lamps, the price of LED street lamps is higher in brightness, energy saving and efficient, and is deeply loved and supported by consumers. You can carefully consider the overall design style, color matching, etc., and choose the appropriate LED street light. Before buying, remember to shop around. A good LED road light must have a power supply lightning protection design, which can effectively prevent interference, short circuit and other problems from occurring.
There is a serious shortage of power supply for LED street lights, and energy saving is the most important problem we need to solve in the whole world. Therefore, the development of some new high-efficiency and energy-saving LED road lights with a relatively long lifespan and a relatively high color rendering index is of great significance to the energy saving of urban lighting. Road lighting is closely related to our lives. With the acceleration of our urbanization process, The choice of street lamps has better drive characteristics, lower power consumption, faster response speed, higher earthquake resistance, and longer practical life. These advantages of green and environmental protection have not allowed us to take advantage of it.
The difference between the LED street lamp and the conventional street lamp is that its light source uses some low-voltage DC power supply, which is efficient and safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has a long service life and a relatively fast response speed. It is characterized by the one-way light, no diffusion of light to ensure the efficiency of light, and even it has a unique secondary optical design. The light of the street lamp is further improved when it reaches the illuminated area, and the efficiency of light is energy-saving. purpose. So many people will choose this LED street light and its price is relatively different. In the process of buying, we should choose the one that suits us.