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Landscape light is an indispensable part of modern landscape


Landscape light is an indispensable part of modern land […]

Landscape light is an indispensable part of modern landscape. It not only has a high degree of appreciation, but also emphasizes the harmony and unity of the landscape of artistic light, the historical culture of the scenic spot, and the surrounding environment. Landscape lights use different shapes, different light colors and brightness to create scenery. For example, the red lantern-shaped landscape lights bring a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lights create a tropical atmosphere by the pool. Landscape lights are suitable for landscape places such as squares, residential areas, and public green spaces. Be careful not to overdo it in use, so as not to overwhelm the guests and make the landscape appear cluttered and flashy. Landscape lights also have certain disadvantages, such as: not environmentally friendly.

The trail and courtyard lights are actually a combination of two types of lights. The courtyard lights focus on the landscape and the trail lights focus on the functionality. The two could have been separated to form their own systems, but after consideration, the two were still integrated. Garden lights for trails.

  1. Trail garden lights mostly exist in the form of diffused light. The difference between diffused light and direct light is that it will not produce too many shadows, and it will appear softer when the color is brightened and darkened. However, an important problem that needs to be solved in the form of diffused light trail garden lights is that the surface temperature of the luminous body is too high. Judging from the popular trail garden lights on the market, few products can solve this problem.

  2. Calculation of elevation angle and shoulder distance. The calculation of the elevation angle and shoulder distance can achieve a good balance between the functional role and the landscape role. For example, if the elevation angle design takes into account the corresponding landscape design, it can better reflect the role of the landscape. To meet people’s needs.

The first thing that low-level lamps need to pay attention to is the innovation of design concepts, followed by the humanization and diversity of functions. I saw a low-level lamp in Japan. This lamp not only plays the role of lighting and beautification, but also serves as a warning. , It tells passers-by that the curve ahead is large and there are many people entering and exiting. Please be careful of motorists and passers-by. To achieve the unity of diversified functions and landscape lighting for low-position lights, it is necessary to introduce the idea of ​​composite design, and achieve the coordination of functional lighting and landscape lighting as much as possible.

There are many classifications of landscape lights, which can be roughly divided into street lights, foot lights, footpath and garden lights, high pole lights, low (lawn) lights, projection lights (flood lights, small projection lights), street light pole decorative landscape lights, and light pieces Lights, downlights, buried lights, wall lights, underwater lights, recessed lights, fiber optic lighting systems, solar lamps, etc.