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Installation and maintenance of LED garden lights


LED garden lights are a kind of outdoor lighting fixtur […]

LED garden lights are a kind of outdoor lighting fixtures, often referring to outdoor road lighting fixtures below 6 meters. Its main components are composed of 5 parts: light source, lamps, light poles, flanges, and foundation embedded parts.
Due to the diversity of LED courtyard lights and the characteristics of beautifying the decorative environment, they are called phenomenon LED courtyard lights. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting in public places such as urban lanes, narrow lanes, residential communities, tourist attractions, parks, squares, etc., which can prolong people's outdoor activities and advance the safety of the industry.
The LED garden light must be installed on the light-facing surface of the solar panel, and there is enough light without shading; according to the road direction and the direction of the light source, choose the roadside of the light source, and the LED garden light solar panel faces the south. There should be no direct light source above the LED garden light solar panel to avoid misidentification and misoperation of the light control system; no other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) should be provided. Don't hang objects on the lamp, as this will shorten the life of the garden lamp. It is necessary to check whether the lamp tube has been aging in time and replace it in time. If it is found during the inspection that the two sections of the lamp are red, the lamp is black or there are black shadows, etc., then it is proved that the lamp has begun to be aging, and the replacement of the lamp must be carried out in accordance with the light source parameters provided by the sign. . Do not switch frequently, as this will greatly reduce the service life of the garden light.