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Improve to make the use of LED street lights last longer


As we all know, LED street lights are mainly composed o […]

As we all know, LED street lights are mainly composed of two parts: street light poles and LED lamps. The poles of traditional LED street lights are made of high-quality plates. After the whole hot-dip galvanizing, it is treated by electrostatic spraying. The service life of the street light pole is more than 15 years. In order to ensure such a long service life, the courtyard lamp must ensure that the lamp post has good corrosion resistance, and the thickness of the zinc layer is guaranteed to be 65-90 microns, so that the zinc layer and the steel rod are firmly combined Together. After galvanizing, the lamp pole can be sprayed to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the pole. The higher the pole, the corresponding increase in wall thickness and the greater the wind resistance, which ensures the service life of the LED street lamp. In addition, the life of LED lamps is a key factor affecting the life of LED street lamps. The service life of LED lamps is affected by various factors, such as heat dissipation performance, power supply, chips, etc. The higher the power of LED lamps, the higher the heat dissipation requirements. A good driving power supply cannot save energy, and it also has a more stable current, which can effectively increase the service life of LED lamps. In order to use LED lamps as long as possible, LED street lamps must improve these factors as much as possible to make the use of LED street lamps last longer.
1. Resolution system voltage The system voltage is directly determined by the light source. If the light source is 12V, the entire system is a 12V system, and if the light source is 24V, the entire system is 24V. Generally, the external packaging of the light source will indicate the voltage of the light source. If there is no mark on the package, please contact us immediately.
2. Cable cutting, stripping and wiring distinction, battery panel line and light source line, battery panel line is black sheathed line, light source line is red sheathed line, measuring line cutting solar panel line M light source cable length = light source height + arm length
3. Strip the cables of the light source, battery and solar panel respectively. Wrap the positive "+" and negative "-" of the battery and solar panel cables with insulating tape to avoid short circuits
4. Wiring connect the light source cable to the light source and tie it tightly with insulating tape
After our deep anti-corrosion treatment of street light poles, the service life of street light poles is believed to be longer than ordinary street lights, and it has more advantages.