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How to maintain and maintain LED street lights?


1. Maintenance of the power generation route of solar l […]

1. Maintenance of the power generation route of solar landscape garden lights Traditional road street lights must dig ground wires, and the maintenance of the route is also very inconvenient. But the solar light is different. It does not need to dig the ground wire. The core of maintenance is on the power distribution line that connects the components. In order for the solar lamp to operate normally, it is also necessary to check the route on time to see if the route is embrittled. If there is embrittlement, it must be replaced immediately. In fact, the maintenance of the solar light route can be regarded as relatively simple, but this cannot be ignored. It is necessary to allocate staff for regular maintenance to ensure that the solar light can run for a longer period of time.
2. The maintenance of solar power battery. Anyone who firmly believes that a little master of solar lights should understand that the main part of solar lights is solar panels. The basic principle of solar power generation is that during the day, solar panels digest and absorb the sun and convert it into electromagnetic energy. At night, the battery powers the system to light up the road and street lights. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the solar light. The first thing we need to do is to maintain the battery of the LED street light. The battery of solar power generation must avoid precipitation, and the light surface of its solar panel can be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid dust intrusion. There is also a special note that the ambient temperature of the solar power battery must be manipulated. It cannot be too high or too low. It is also necessary to prevent complete charging and discharging. If you want solar lights to last longer, the battery must not be neglected.
3. Maintenance of solar lamps and lamps. Solar lamps and lamps are actually similar to traditional road street lamps. We have to do a good job of pressing the power switch of road lamps less often, and do not allow road street lamps to be used in damp and cold conditions. Generally speaking, to ensure these two aspects, the solar-powered lamps should be able to be used for a long time.
So how should such solar lights on streets and communities be maintained?
The most important thing is to clean up the dust deposited around the lamp cover on time. If the deposited dust is not solved for a long time, this dust will harm the actual lighting effect of the solar lamp, as if a layer of yarn is covered in front of the lighting effect, so that all The lighting effect looks very blurry. In addition, the accumulation of dust on the solar lamp will also affect the actual battery charging effect of the battery. In the long-term, insufficient electromagnetic energy supply will cause the lighting effect to be dim or not to light up immediately. And if you wipe the dust on the solar lamp on time, you can also ensure the beauty of the road street lamp. Ensuring the beauty of the road street lamp is equivalent to ensuring the beauty of the big city. It is not easy to give people who rush to this big city at a time a kind of dirty The chaotic image is also very advantageous to the progress of all regions.