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How to design landscape lights


Landscape lights have added a lot of colors to the deve […]

Landscape lights have added a lot of colors to the development of modern urban landscapes. Different sites, different plants, and different areas will be equipped with various styles and colors of landscape lights. Generally, landscape lights are often used in squares and parks. The basic functions of lighting can enhance the atmosphere of the surrounding environment.
In order to avoid the embarrassing situation of overwhelming guests, the design and application of landscape lights should follow the following points:

1. Use light color or light intensity to highlight the theme of landscape design and distinguish the priority
In landscape design, there is always a place that the designer or owner wants to express or highlight, and use different light colors to attract people's attention.

2. The overall effect with the surrounding environment should be appropriate and appropriate
Entrance and exit of gardens, plazas and other distribution places need sufficient lighting intensity; while quiet sidewalks only need general lighting. Because the garden environment itself is quiet and secluded, the lighting should be soft and relaxed. To ensure the consistency of the style and layout of the landscape lights throughout the garden, there can be appropriate ups and downs, but the lighting layout should be uniform.

3. The height of the lamp should be set appropriately
Landscape lights of different heights are also set according to their functions and uses. The height of ordinary landscape lights is about 3 meters, and the height of landscape lights with larger spaces is generally 4-6 meters to meet the needs of light.