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How to Choose Your LED


Choosing the adequate lighting for your home or office […]

Choosing the adequate lighting for your home or office can be quite a challenge these days. The latest improvement of LED lighting techniques have made it possible for all of us to use it as a main source of lighting, other than a simple signalling light in our everyday gadgets. Still there are a number of issues reoccurring when you choose led sensor lights, and these issues often lead to many people ending up with fluorescent lights on the long run. .
It is already a huge development in our thinking if we do not consider the price of a product the only decisive factor. Incandescent lights would definitely win by far, however often we have to replace them, however much energy they consume or are ruining our environment.
Now, let's try to sort this out together. I think we might all agree that unless we are really bunkered and we need a light from a pound shop immediately the traditional incandescent lights, conventional or halogen, are out of question for the reasons previously mentioned: huge energy consumption with the conversion rate of 5% of energy into light (the rest of it is emitted as heat) and extremely short lifespan compared to any other source of lighting. Fluorescent lights are much more energy efficient, converting roughly 20% of the energy into light, and have longer lifespan of 1000 to 3000 hours depending on the quality and type of lighting. As far as greenness goes, they could be much more environmentally sound. The chemicals in these lights (Argon and Mercury) are highly contaminating.

On the other hand, light emitting diodes (LEDs) convert roughly 80-90% of energy into lighting, and only the rest is emitted as heat. Their power consumption is therefore very low in order to create the same amount of light, and they remain cool, you can touch them any time. They also reach their full brightness immediately, and are the most environmentally friendly lighting solution currently available on the market.

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