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How to choose the color temperature of the led garden lights?


What are the requirements for the color temperature of […]

What are the requirements for the color temperature of led garden lights?
In residential quarters, LED garden lights of about 3 meters to 4 meters will be installed in the walkways and gardens of the residential quarters. Now we almost all use led light sources as the lighting source for the led garden lights in the residential quarters, so what color temperature light source should be used for the garden lights installed in the residential quarters Is it more appropriate? Are there any standard requirements for the color temperature of the light source of the LED modern garden lights in the community? Generally speaking, we choose white light 5000k or warm yellow light 3000k and warm white light 4000k for the color temperature of garden lights in the community; the light irradiated by the white light 5000k color is whiter. If it is too close to the residential building, it may be a little glare and dazzling, while warm white or warm The light irradiated by the yellow garden led garden lamp is relatively softer and more suitable for use in the community.
How to choose the color temperature of  LED garden lighting?
LED garden lights use energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lamp beads as the main light source of garden lights. The characteristics of the LED light source are high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, long life and low maintenance costs. If the warranty is 3-5 years, the LED garden lights Then it takes at least 3-5 years for maintenance, so the usage rate of LED garden lights is getting higher and higher, so in the garden landscape lighting, we must choose the appropriate light color according to the effect of the environment, and the color temperature of the general LED light source From 3000k-6500k; the lower the color temperature, the more yellowish the light-emitting color is. On the contrary, the higher the color temperature, the whiter the light color. For example, the light emitted by the 3000k color temperature led garden lamp belongs to warm yellow light, so we can choose the light color according to this theory. To choose, we usually use a light color of 3000 color temperature for parks, such as garden led garden lights with functional lighting, we mostly choose white light with a light color temperature of more than 5000k.

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