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How to choose a high-quality garden lamp manufacturer?


Facing the current outdoor lighting manufacturers, ther […]

Facing the current outdoor lighting manufacturers, there are too many, but the big ones are too small to count. How to choose the high-quality garden lamp manufacturers? Here Ningbo Yashi Lighting Science & Technology Co.,ltd shares a few points with you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Be sure to go to the factory to see if it is a physical factory, and then go to the workshop to see their production process and the beauty of the welding position. If the welding position is not handled properly, the appearance will be greatly affected.

Pay attention to the manufacturer's polishing and ash-filling process, because outdoor garden lights are generally non-standard. After some positions are completed, they must be polished and ash-filled, and then sprayed after treatment, the effect will be more beautiful. High-quality garden lamp manufacturers will pay attention to these details!

In the case of good craftsmanship, then the surface is sprayed. The price of outdoor plastic powder is different, and the spray effect is different. At present, there are some cheaper plastic powders that do not have UV resistance when used outdoors. Customers install The color will fade in less than three months. The good powder is sprayed out, the gloss is good, and it is also very durable. It can be used for 2-3 years without problems. With good polishing and ash repair technology, the product is absolutely good! High-quality garden lamp manufacturers generally use this good-quality plastic powder!

The materials used are also more exquisite. Thick materials are not only good in strength, but also good in texture. High-quality garden lamp manufacturers will not cut corners for customers!

Then there is packaging. Don’t underestimate the packaging. High-quality garden light manufacturers will not save costs on packaging. Manufacturers are so careful in producing a set of lights. It is impossible to choose random packaging. If this is the case, it will cause damage and damage during transportation. Scratch, isn't it a lot of hard work?


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