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How far does the installation distance of the led street light need to be


How does the installation spacing of die-cast aluminum […]

How does the installation spacing of die-cast aluminum LED street lamps affect the road lighting effect?
When we choose the LED street lights for road lighting, we will choose the appropriate power size, color temperature, etc. according to the national road lighting standard requirements. We have related requirements for the lighting illuminance and lighting uniformity of the road lighting, so we need According to the installation height, street lamp spacing and street lamp power and other parameters to meet these requirements, then what is the impact of the spacing distance of the installed led street lamp on the lighting? There is a certain range of light that the die-cast aluminum led street lamp illuminates the road. The two lights of the led street lamp need to complement the light so that the illumination light of the whole road can be uniform. If the installation distance of the street lamp is relatively large, then one of the two street lamps If there is no light crossing between them, the complementary effect can not be activated, and the phenomenon of darker between the two lights appears. We usually say that the zebra crossing effect.
What is the appropriate spacing for the installation of LED garden lights in the small area?
The type of LED garden lights in the community is different, so the size of the interval is also different. For example, diffuse reflection, no mask, light scattered everywhere. Generally, the light source of this kind of courtyard lamp is equipped with 70W-150W high pressure sodium lamp/metal halide lamp or 30W-50W LED lamp. The height of the courtyard lamp is between 3.5m-4.5m and the garden lamp is installed. The appropriate spacing is 18-20m. Residential LED garden lights with masks, the light is not diffused everywhere, so you can choose sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, suitable for 70W-100W, and LED lamps with 15W-20W, the spacing is about 16m-25m. When the garden lights are arranged, they need to be adjusted according to the height of the light poles. Nowadays, LED lights are more commonly used. This kind of lights has higher brightness and saves electricity. When setting the spacing, you also need to choose according to the specific requirements of the courtyard for the brightness of the lights.